Proraso Pre & Post Cream - Sandalwood And Shea Butter - For Tough Beards

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Proraso Pre Shave Cream - Sandalwood And Shea Butter - Super Emollient for tough beards

The history of Proraso products dates back a long way. In 1908, Ludovico Martelli from Florence, Italy founded a cosmetics company under his own name. Then in 1948, his son Piero joined the company and helped launch the Proraso “crema miracolosa” to the Italian public.  This is their new version of the pre shave cream specifically formulated for men with tough beard.  It's a super emollient formula with the extract of sandalwood and shea butter, it will prepare and soften even the more thick and dense beard

How to use it: Prepare your face and beard but first washing with a great pre shave soap, I recommend Mister Joe pre shave soap by RazoRock.  Then, in circular motions, rub a generous amount of Proraso pre shave cream into your beard and let it stand for 60-90 second, this will soften and prepare.  After 60-90 seconds have passed I recommend lathering on a great Italian Shaving soap with a shaving brush. 

Scent: Sandalwood And Shea Butter

Size: 100ml in a glass jar.

Made in Florence, Italy.

Note: This is Italian product sourced from Italy so the packaging may differ from the Proraso typically found in North America.