Elvado - Pacific Coast Kahuna Brush or Brushless Shaving Cream, 100g

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High Performance Brush♦ Brushless Shave Creams

Travel Friendly

Pacific Coast Kahuna: Green Citrus, French Lavender, Sea Moss, Coastal Driftwood and Wild Mint, E.O

Quick and Easy with Awesome Performance

● 100% Natural – 92% Organic Based Formulation, 100% Essential Oils, 10 Simply Superb Ingredients

● Easy Application – Massage on Wet Beard or apply with a Shave Brush

● Premium Performance – Superior Razor Glide, Instant Creamy Lathering (with Shave Brush)

● African Shea Butter & Avocado Oils – Natural healing properties provide intense moisture, promote cell renewal and protect against harmful UV rays. Excellent Post Shave Feel

● TSA Travel Friendly -100ml Airless Pump, No Mess/Waste with Precision Dispensing

● Pre-Shave Cream Approved – Use with your favourite Shave Soap for enhanced Glide, Slickness and Smooth Shaves

● Refreshing and Pleasing – 100% E.O. Fragrance Blends

● EcoCert Approved – Natural Preservative: Safe for Skin & the Environment